Price trend at one glance.

bidvoy shows finished eBay auctions in a clear graphic. All auctions
of one day are summarised in one point and can be checked
separately. In this way you can see the trend of the price.

Fr, 02/23/18 • $290.34
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Learn everything about your product.

Average price

Using the daily average values bidvoy calculates the average price for the chosen period, which will show you the current value of your product and how it is traded on eBay.

Weekly trend

The weekly trend shows how much your product is gaining or losing value. The red line in the graphic shows the weekly trend as well.

Price margin

The value of a product varies depending on its quality. Therefore bidvoy shows the price margin, which is the difference between the most expensive and the cheapest price.

Brand-new: Toplists.

Our toplists show you the average price of popular smartphones and
tablets together with other statistical data in a sortable table.

Price comparison with Amazon

Amazon offers products marginally more expensive but as new goods. The comparison to the brand new item can be very helpful, to keep the cheapest price in mind. Thanks to bidvoy you are focused on it at every product search.

Time of purchase or sale

An important factor of trading on eBay is the knowledge about the cheapest or most expensive time.

Using complex mathematical formulas, we calculate the best time to purchase and the best time to sell for each search.

With this method you can set your auctions in the right time and you know when it is worth offering.

For buyers and sellers.

Whether you want to buy or sell a product: Thanks to bidvoy you always know the value of your product and when it’s sold the most expensively respectively cheapest.

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